Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter
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Josh Ritter

Special solo shows to try out new material

“About six months ago I was hit by a song on the New York Thruway. The whole thing. Verses, bridge, a witty one-liner or two. Nothing like that had ever happened with such force. It was the first raindrop in a thunderstorm that I’m thankful continues unabated. I thought these nights at KCD might be a good chance to try some of them out. This is very rare for me. I don’t normally go in for showing songs before they’re fully done, but what the Hell, you only live once.”

Opening act: EDJ (Eric D. Johnson from Fruit Bats)

EDJ is a new solo project from American singer, songwriter, and composer Eric D. Johnson. Johnson is perhaps best known for being the front man and sole permanent member of the long running band Fruit Bats, as well as for his collaborations with The Shins, Vetiver, and Califone. He also produces records and does movie scores. His new thing is called EDJ and will be out August 5 on Easy Sound Recording Co.